Quickly Export and Import DHCP Reservations Windows 2008, Winows 2003

Xavier Mustin

Staff member
This simple process describes the how to migrate a DHCP reservation list without having to migrate the entire scope.

  1. Export the DHCP reservations, from the Old server which is to be migrated using netsh:

    netsh dhcp server [ip address] scope [scope address] dump>c:\temp\reservations.txt
    netsh dhcp server scope dump>c:\temp\reservations.txt
  2. Edit the exported file in notepad 'reservations.txt' , Simply do a Find and Replace for the old DHCP server IP you ran the export on and change to the New DHCP server IP you are importing to and remove out everything else in the text file except for the reservations config section.
  3. On the New DHCP server, make sure you create the new scope first, and ten just simply run the following command:
netsh exec C:\temp\reservations.txt