Configure public contact folder sync for Blackberry

Xavier Mustin

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How to configure public contact folder synchronization for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0
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BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express for Microsoft Exchange

Public folder synchronization can be enabled in the BlackBerry® Administration Service using the following steps:

Open the BlackBerry Administration Service.
In the Servers and Components menu, expand BlackBerry Solution Topology.
Expand BlackBerry Domain.
Expand Component View.
Select Email.
Click Edit Component.
In the Published public contact folders section, select the public contact folders to synchronize to the BlackBerry smartphone.
Click Save All.
To assign the public folder to a BlackBerry smartphone user:

Click Manage users.
Select the user from the list.
Click Default Configuration.
Select E-mail.
Click Edit user.
In Published public contact folders, select the public folder to be assigned to the BlackBerry smartphone user.
Click Continue to user information edit.
Click Save all.
Additional Information.

The BlackBerry® service account requires Owner permission for any public contact folder configured for wireless synchronization in the BlackBerry Administration Service. If the folder exists within another folder, the BlackBerry service account requires Owner permissions for the entire directory structure.

Note: To reduce the permissions required for the BlackBerry service account, the published contact public folders could be placed as a top-level folder.

BlackBerry smartphone users require Read and Visible permissions for any public contact folder to be enabled for synchronization with their accounts. Alternatively, default can be listed as Reviewer.

To verify the permissions for a public folder, complete the following steps:

In Microsoft® Outlook®, locate the public contact folder to be configured for synchronization.
Right-click the folder and select Properties.
Click the Permissions tab.