Open Ports on SBS 2008 & 2011

Xavier Mustin

Staff member
SBS 2008 or SBS 2011 are More or less the Same Operating System.
In both Connecting to the office network is possible via VPN and RWW

By using a VPN, you can connect to the Windows SBS 2008 network from a remote computer to access network resources. However, it is recommended that you use Remote Web Workplace whenever possible. As a best practice, you should use a VPN connection only if your computer is running a line-of-business application that requires it to be connected to the network, and you do not have a computer to connect to inside the network.

Also You need not require to open multiple ports on the firewall.
Just the Basic ports 80, 443, 987, 1723, 4125 & 25
Run the following Wizards from SBS Console
  1. Connect to Internet
  2. Fix My network to ensure everything is good.
  3. Internet Address Management To configure DNS name and Certificate
  4. Configure Virtual private Network
  5. Copy the Certificate Package on the Remote Client machines to enable RWW. else it will fail.